What are the Best Features of TM Whatsapp Apk v8.85E?

Discover the exceptional features of TM Whatsapp that redefine messaging. From seamless communication to advanced security, explore the best TM Whatsapp Apk has to offer.

Increase in Status Upload video

In the regular WhatsApp at once you can share a 30 seconds long video on your status. If your video is 1 minute long then your video will split into two statuses.  However, in TM WhatsApp, the length of the video in status gets long. As you can share videos in status 7 minutes long. So, you will not face any worries about the cut of your video as you can upload your status video for 7 minutes. 

Auto-reply mode

TM WhatsApp will give you the feature to auto-reply to your contact.  You don’t need to be present in the chat as you will create a custom message and set it to auto-reply mode. And the app will send your message to that contact whether you are not online on WhatsApp. However, this feature is very useful to send important files at that exact time and wish someone a Happy Birthday on time. 

Chat Lock

If you are using normal WhatsApp then easily someone can access your chat and see what you have talked about with her. You don’t want that. For that reason, TM WhatsApp brings you the chat lock feature. This feature will help you to lock the particular chat with your customized pin or pattern. This feature increases the privacy of your chat. 

Multiple messages to multiple contacts

You want to share some message with multiple people at one time. In regular WhatsApp, you can’t send that message to more than 5 persons at a time. However, in TM WhatsApp you can send multiple messages to multiple contacts with one click. 

Remove the forward mark

In regular WhatsApp, if you want to share some message but you don’t want to show the contact that this message is forwarded. For that reason, you have to type the message to that contact. But, in the TM WhatsApp, the forward message heading will be removed from the chat. So, forward messages as many times as you can. 

Show Blue Tick after the reply

Most of the time we are so busy at work we can’t even message. When a message came we used to see the message and take it back. We didn’t even reply. If we don’t respond to them they will either get angry or break the bond. So, for that reason, TM WhatsApp has a feature that a blue tick will appear on that contact at the time you reply to that contact. 

Multiple theme options

You can’t change the theme in the regular WhatsApp. So you get to see the same theme every time. However, in TM WhatsApp you have many theme options in the theme library of the app. Use your favorite theme from the library and change the interface of the app. According to your mood, you can change the theme also. 

Anti-delete messages

If someone sends you a message and then your contact suddenly deleted the message. And your contact doesn’t want to tell you what message did send to you and you are curious to know. However, if you have TM WhatsApp you can also watch the deleted messages of your contact. So, you don’t have to be worried as if your contact deletes the message you still see the message. 

DND mode

If you don’t want to receive any type of message from WhatsApp then you should have to shut down your internet connection. But, in TM WhatsApp, you can use DND mode where you will receive or send messages to anyone. 

Unlimited Group Member

We have customized TM Whatsapp in such a way that there are no limits to the number of members in a group. Currently, the participant limit in a group in Normal Whatsapp is 512.

Free to Download

Unlike other mods of Whatsapp available on the internet, Our modded TM Whatsapp apk is completely free to download and use.

Schedule Messages

You can easily schedule messages to be sent automatically in TM Whatsapp. This feature is not available in Normal Whatsapp.

Enhanced Security Features

One of the standout features of TM WhatsApp is its enhanced security. It offers advanced privacy settings, allowing you to hide your online status, disable read receipts, and even lock individual chats with a PIN or fingerprint.

Privacy Settings

Privacy is paramount in today’s digital age, and TM WhatsApp takes it seriously. You have control over who can view your profile picture, status, and about information. Moreover, you can block unwanted contacts and prevent them from messaging or calling you.

Voice and Video Calls

TM WhatsApp offers high-quality voice and video calling features. Whether you’re making an international call or connecting with a loved one, you can expect clear and uninterrupted communication.

FAQs About TM Whatsapp APK

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding TM Whatsapp APK :

To enable dark mode, go to Settings > Chats > Theme > Dark.

Yes, TM Whatsapp offers free voice and video calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Currently, TM Whatsapp allows you to use one account on a single device, but multi-device support is in development.

Absolutely. TM Whatsapp employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring your messages and calls are secure and private.

You can back up your chats to Google Drive or iCloud, depending on your device.

Yes, TM Whatsapp allows you to set custom notification tones for individual contacts.

You can back up your TM WhatsApp chats to your device’s storage or a cloud service. Navigate to “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat backup” to configure your backup settings.

Yes, it’s possible to transfer your chats from standard WhatsApp to TM WhatsApp. Use the in-built chat migration feature during the setup process.


WhatsApp is one of the most used applications around the world. You will find WhatsApp on every device in this world. As this is one of the most essential apps to communicate with your friends and family. During the pandemic period, the wants for WhatsApp have increased as working space and educational work also depend upon WhatsApp. However, sometimes WhatsApp disappoints with its features. Users didn’t like some features of the app. Then you should switch to TM WhatsApp.

This app has more features than the normal WhatsApp. Features like increase of status video length, DND mode, multiple themes, chat lock, no view on status, maximum participants, and many more. This app is safe and secure to use on your device. If you want to download the app then you have to download it from the third-party websites as it is not available on the Play Store. So, download the app and experience features like never before.